Heartbreak AHA's!

Happy Claire Your Mind Monday! I'm beyond overwhelmed by the love and support from last week's post, Heartbreak SUCKS.   I heard from people I hadn't seen or spoken to in years, and I truly appreciate the "me-too'ers!" out there who helped dissipate the vulnerability hangover I was experiencing after exposing so much of myself.

This week's post is a follow-up, focusing on the AHA's, gifts, and wins that presented themselves, as I've CONSCIOUSLY begun to process the pain.

PLEASE NOTE: focusing on the positives this week isn't a way to cover over or deny the pain that is still very much alive right now, but I'm hoping these little blessings I received/took note of, will offer inspiration to others who are going through something similar.

If you show up and do the work in your day to day life, painful times like these DO BECOME MORE MANAGEABLE and the BIGGER PICTURE answers become more clear.

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