It’s time to get your power and YOUR SELF back!

Your heart isn’t breaking because he left you. 

It isn’t breaking because you didn’t get the dream job you wanted. 

It isn’t breaking because you feel fat, broke, or unlovable.


Through mind-body and thought-dissolving work, we will get to the HEART of your issues (pun intended) and explore how to heal without the need for external factors to “fix” you—like the guy, being skinny, or the career advancement.  


  • Over the course of three months, we’ll have ten one-hour phone sessions.
  • Notes and homework are sent after each session, holding you accountable to apply the tools you learn during your sessions, into your life!
  • An additional 30-minute bonus call for that time when you may need an extra tune-up to keep you on track!   
  • You will also be able to reach me outside of our sessions via email during office hours with any questions or concerns about this new way of thinking, healing, and approaching your life.   

I like to think of this work as similar to if you’re taking your mind to the gym.  A majority of my clients love to look and feel good physically, but the REAL work of looking and feeling good BEGINS WITH THE MIND.

This I know for sure.

So why not dive right in and CLAIRE it with me???  (In case you haven’t picked up on it, dorky puns thrown your way will be a DEFINITE GIVEN during our work together)  

What are you waiting for??!!