Arbonne Consultant

The stars aligned when I was first introduced to Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living program.  I am a food and wine LOVER, but noticed I was numbing out on both vices to escape uncomfortable emotions during a difficult time. 

Heartbreak_Coach_ Arbonne Nutrition Special  Value Pack .jpg

This SUPER EASY PLAN that entails eating REAL FOOD, combined with coaching work where we looked closely at my thoughts that were driving my unhealthy actions, have been LIFE-CHANGING for my body and overall well being. 

Not only did I lose eight pounds, but I found myself being much more productive and less anxious in my day to day, thanks to eliminating toxins and consuming only clean ingredients, including Arbonne’s top of the line vegan and gluten-free products.

Contact me for details on how you can get an amazing deal on the program and on some of my favorite products like the Cranberry Pumpkin Protein barsthe best tasting, lowest in sugar and highest in protein bars I know of! 

Another favorite are the Caramel Fit Chews—they don’t disappoint and hit the sweet spot you crave after any meal!  (or is that just me?!

And I couldn’t resist checking out the skincare line after being so thrilled with the results of the nutrition line.

This anti-aging skincare regimen is one that I’m married to in the morning and evening.  I noticed a huge change in my skin—that dewey glow I was searching for but could never figure out how to get!