The best analogy I’ve heard when comparing life coaching to therapy, is that a therapist like a medical doctor, helps sick people get well, and a life coach like a physical trainer, helps healthy people feel even better.   So I am not in the business of healing those with mental illnesses, addictions, or working through any kind of trauma.  However, it is not unheard of to work with both therapist and a life coach!  (or perhaps that’s just an LA thaannng) 


A thematic one-liner I get from ALL of my clients is, “It sounds so stupid when you say it out loud but…”   I get SO excited when I hear this because not only do I sooooo get it, but we’re getting to the root of whatever is holding you back from thriving!  I’m here to create the safest space possible where NOTHING YOU SAY OR FEEL IS STUPID.  (Ok, very few times that won’t be true, but hopefully we’ll be cathartically laughing at your expense, and it’s a full-blown guarantee we’ll be laughing at mine.  You’re welcome)


Our one-hour phone sessions strike a balance between a whole lotta fun and a whole lotta no-nonsense.  My intuition, AKA my super power, lovingly calls BS when I hear it, but warmly welcomes you to tell me where I’m wrong!  My empathic heart will break with yours, but my tough Irish skin will invite you to acknowledge your role in whatever challenges you’re experiencing through mind-body and thought-dissolving work—not self-shaming and beating-yourself-up work, kay?


Once you develop a knack for diffusing limiting beliefs, we start to play with fun, powerful, eye-opening tools that navigate you towards finally investing time and energy into what makes YOU feel most authentically happy and fulfillednot your mom, your partner, your agent, or your boss.


Finally, despite my confidence in guiding you towards thriving, it’s important to reiterate that this work is about YOU showing up for YOU–not the guy, the job, the lack of a job, or the brutal mother of your kid’s classmate.  It’s also not about what I think you should or should not do.  We’ll be tapping into YOUR inner wisdom.  If you do the work, the results may not be what you initially hoped to get out of it, but I believe your world will shift in magnificent ways beyond your wildest imagination.  That’s what this work has certainly done for me, and you can check out my testimonials to see what current clients have to say.